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We’re industry leaders with decades of experience in the hospitality industry on a mission to level the playing field between hard brands and independent hotels.

As your strategic sourcing arm, our team negotiates better contracts, provides a curated list of options unique to your needs, and acts as your concierge between big brands (so you can skip the line when it comes to customer service).


Luxury hotels use DayBlink GPO to sustain and scale with ease.

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What our clients say

"Our guests trust and expect our direct pricing to be in parity with other distribution channels. This is the image of the property and the brand. It’s important to make sure our partners respect that. Unfortunately, all too often, our inventory falls into the wrong hands and wholesale rates are distributed directly to travelers. DayBlink GPO’s partnership has allowed us to identify the leakage and make our partners follow our rate policy."

Mathilde Baille
J.K. Place Paris

"DayBlink GPO’s complementary services come at a much needed time across the hospitality industry. The first contract we opted into saved us 13%, which we couldn't have gotten without DayBlink GPO's help. Anytime I have a question or concerns regarding a vendor, I know I can count on them."

Sarah Deam
Director of Sales & Marketing
The Hay-Adams

"The path to true sustainability is a journey that requires innovation, dedication, and adaptation, skills at which luxury hoteliers are known to excel. This makes luxury hoteliers best suited not only to participate, but to lead in sustainability."

Herve Houdre
Founder, H2 Sustainability Consulting
and former Chief Operating Officer of Kempinski Hotels

"With Hotelbeds and WebBeds through the LSS Program agreements, we have not only reduced costs, but also established rate integrity across our distribution channels. These agreements give us the flexibility and control we need to streamline our distribution. Due to these improvements, we can focus on our core business objectives, such as rate parity, ADR growth and profitability."

Cem Gökpinar
Commercial Director
De L’Europe, Amsterdam

"At The Leading Hotels of the World, we are always looking for new ways to empower the success of our member hotels. We are excited to expand our relationship with DayBlink to deliver greater member value through DayBlink GPO by connecting the best supplier partners with over 400 luxury hotels around the world."

Shannon Knapp
President & Chief Executive Officer
The Leading Hotels of the World