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We manage supplier relationships for luxury hotels, so you can focus on what really matters…
your guests.

DayBlink GPO is the first (and only) global luxury hospitality sourcing provider for independent hotels.

We’re on a mission to help you sustain and scale your business by leveraging billions in spending and negotiating competitively priced contracts with hundreds of high-quality and big-brand suppliers. Our elite sourcing professionals act as an extension of your purchasing department and pull from our membership of over 1,100+ hotels to increase your buying power and get you the best rates possible.

Luxury hotels use DayBlink GPO to sustain and scale with ease

We partner with leading global hospitality organizations, including Leading Hotels of the World, IDeaS, ALICE, PressReader… and more.

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Meet Our Founder

A published author, Michael Wong is an expert in driving organizational change while realizing revenue and profitability goals. Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DayBlink GPO, Michael brings 24 years of experience advising enterprise executives and managing supply chains within the hospitality, healthcare, and venture capital sectors.

“Bottom line, we’re here to help independent hotels stay independent with more savings and better deals.”


DayBlink GPO is a minority-owned business with both USPAACC and NMSDC Certifications.


Chet Taff

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Beltrees Consulting

Brendan Daly

Founder & Managing Director
Daly Ventures

Hervé Houdré

General Manager (Former)
The Intercontinental New York Barclay

Michael Vincent

Strategic Negotiations (Beltrees)

Philip Koserowski

SVP & Chief Marketing Officer
The Leading Hotels of the World


Chris Geyer

General Counsel

Sean Fitzgerald

VP of Operations

Wicar Akhtar

VP of Technology

Lisa Siefert

Head of HR

Tina Rahimian

Manager - Customer Success

Hans Herber

Director - European Operations

Anthony DePietto

Manager - Partnerships

Jay Green

Manager - Finance & Distribution

Rebekka Berger

Director - Distribution Strategy