Hotels Should Expect Business Travel to Rebound First: The Long View This Week

April 14, 2020

The travel industry’s recovery from coronavirus continues to be a guessing game, but one leading industry voice expects business travel to bounce back the quickest.

Social distancing measures and other coronavirus precautions depleted the travel industry over the last month, and many hotel owners have shut down properties due to limited revenue streams. Industry analysts have debated what the economic recovery would look like, from an optimistic V-shaped return to normalcy to a more prolonged L-shape. In a Friday interview on “The Long View With Rafat” livestream, The Daily Lodging Report Editor-in-Chief and founder Alan Woinski shared his outlook on why analysts could be wrong on their predictions.

“I probably have a different mindset than most folks. Everyone thinks we’re coming back with leisure travel first because it always bounces back,” Woinski said. “I think we’re in a completely different scenario right now and don’t think we can look at the past.”